Fraud watchdog sniffs around

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Allegations of mismanagement at a Queenstown apartment complex have reached the Serious Fraud Office.

Some disgruntled unit owners claim they’re being ripped off.

They claim some apartments are deliberately being let out more than others and lower-than-actual occupancy rates are being reported to owners.

SFO spin doctor Andrea Linton says: “The SFO is aware of this matter and we are evaluating it.”

Mountain Scene has been told the taxman’s also sniffing around – but the IRD won’t say.

“We are not able to comment on specific customer information because of taxpayer secrecy provisions,” says IRD staffer “Pete” by email.

Scene chased comment from the apartment boss for more than a month, through phone calls and emails.

At the apartments this week, the deputy said their boss was on a “long conference call” and would “be a while”.

By email, the apartment boss says they’re not aware of the allegations, have not been contacted by the SFO and are not even sure who their accusers are.