Get fogged: Clear Facilities ops manager Adrian Naik fogs ProActive Physio's treatment rooms to protect against Covid-19

A Queenstown cycling company’s spun its wheels to protect businesses, and customers, from Covid-19.

Around the Basin Bike Tours has diversified operations during the lockdown and is now working with Auckland-based Clear Facilities to spray buildings with a protective cleaning agent, which kills germs, and lasts up to 30 days.

Ops manager Hamish Fleming says the agent bonds to surfaces to form a barrier which prevents mould, pathogens and viruses, like Covid-19, from “settling, living and thriving” on surfaces.

Fleming, who’s swapped the bike room for a white gown and mask for the meantime, says it’s also meant they can keep staff on, despite their normal business plummeting.

He and Around the Basin owner Steve Norton hope the product can be a saving grace for tourism operators who use shared equipment, like their own bikes and helmets.

Norton also believes schools will take an interest, as they look to provide a safe environment when kids today.

The cleaning team uses a machine to the room, which takes a matter of minutes, with the water-based Clear Protect 30 product.

Fleming says there are no toxins for people to worry about.

They manually wipe down like light switches, handles and computer equipment.

A hand protection version’s also available and Fleming says it can kill germs for up to 24 hours.

Before the country moved to Alert Level 2 on Thursday and businesses reopened, senior physio Sonya Anderson of ProActive Physio in Terrace Junction, said she planned to have the team in regularly.

“For us it is about safety for our clients, not just building confidence but making sure everything is safe and exceptionally clean.”

ProActive will continue to provide tele-medicine for some clients, but for those who do come in for treatment, there’ll be an honesty box for payment.

Anderson says she doesn’t want people to stay in pain just because they can’t afford treatment.