Five years feeling the rush

Ribera entertains festival-goers at last year's Rhythm & Alps PICTURE: STEPHEN JAQUIERY

He’s the brains behind Queenstown’s most popular parties, but local legend Ribera didn’t always plan to be behind the decks. He chats to Daisy Hudson about Electric Rush, washing dishes, and David Bowie.

There’s not many people who could say their life’s work was inspired by a David Bowie song, but Queenstown DJ Ribera is one of them.

He’s known for his now-legendary Electric Rush parties, but a career as a DJ was not something the former paramedic ever planned.

“My friend invited me to an after-party, in a small area in a nightclub. The last song was a remix of David Bowie’s Heroes, and everybody was singing it and I loved that moment.”

He bought some turntables just to have at home, but his friends had other ideas and he was soon gigging professionally.

“All this has never been planned. But you can have a really sad day and just get behind the decks and play music and it just makes it better.”

Originally hailing from Barcelona, in Spain, 40-year-old Guillem Ribera never planned to put down roots in New Zealand.

His wife, Amy, is a Kiwi, and they spent six months in Christchurch before heading south to visit friends.

Ten years, and a baby, later, they’re still here.

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