Silent protest: Mandated jabs were opposed by 'freedom' protesters marching in Queenstown last week


A Queenstown yoga centre operator would object to any mandate requiring her staff or  clients to be Covid-vaxxed.

Nadi Wellness owner Sandi Murphy says ‘‘yoga means ‘union’, so our business values are built on creating unity and connection’’.

‘‘We don’t believe in division of our community, this goes against our philosophy.’’

She doesn’t want to ask her staff, students or clients to be vaccinated.

‘‘That’s their personal medical choice, and I do not support discrimination.’’

With healthcare workers and teachers mandated to get the jab, Murphy says ‘‘I know a lot of people in this town who are being backed into a corner to either take the jab or lose their job, even if they have specific medical or other reasons’’.

‘‘This is not the New Zealand way.’’

Asked what she thinks the alternative to mandates would be, she says: ‘‘I think we need to find a middle ground that’s workable for all which doesn’t set family members and friends
against each other.

‘‘Rapid antigen testing would be one alternative for the unvaccinated.’’

Murphy says she’d have joined last Tuesday’s ‘freedom’ protest in Queenstown’s CBD if she’d not been working.