Cycling ban sought for Queenstown track



Kelvin Peninsula Community Association’s requesting Queenstown’s council urgently restrict the narrow, winding Peninsula Track to walkers during the Covid-19-induced lockdown – however, the council’s not intending taking that step at this stage.

KPCA, according to its Facebook page, is concerned the increased numbers of cyclists, especially those going excessively fast and not using a bell, is risking injury to other users.

It also argues cyclists can’t observe the lockdown’s physical distancing requirements, “because of the nature of the track”.

A significant number of cyclists aren’t local to Kelvin Peninsula, either, it claims – the lockdown requires people to exercise in their neighbourhoods.

KPCA’s solution is that cyclists use Peninsula Road instead, “given the low number of cars on the road during Alert Level 4”.

Several people who’ve commented on KPCA’s Facebook page disagree with its stance.

“There are just as many inconsiderate walkers,” one says.

Another suggests the track’s no busier than it was before the lockdown.

And another recommends the track be confined to walkers before noon and to cyclists after noon if each party can’t be considerate to the other.

Asked council’s response to KPCA’s call, spokesperson Jack Barlow says: “We are continuing to keep an eye on the situation, although at this stage there are no plans to restrict the trail to walkers only.

“All users are reminded to observe physical distancing requirements and be courteous to each other.”

According to a council press release, cyclists need to give way to walkers at all times, but walkers should also step to one side to let cyclists pass.

“And remember, if you need to drive to a trail then it’s considered too far away, so please don’t go.”