Bureaucracy kills long-running market


Red tape has spelled the end of a major fundraiser for an historic Arrowtown building.

For the first time in more than 15 years, the Arrowtown Post Office Market was not held at the end of last year.

That’s because the increasing amount of planning, staff time and layers of bureaucracy meant it just wasn’t worth it, Lakes District Museum boss David Clarke says.

The market, which usually raises about $3500, has been an important fundraiser for maintenance of the 1915 Arrowtown Post Office, which the museum owns.

Clarke says they’ll have to find the money elsewhere.

“The time we were putting in way eclipsed what we were getting out of it,” he says.

“It just got harder and harder.”

Red tape blues: Lakes District Museum boss David Clarke

Clarke’s not annoyed with City Hall – it too is having to meet increasingly-onerous rules and regulations.

“I don’t think the council’s going out of its way to be restrictive.”

A council spokeswoman says it hasn’t had any complaints from the event organisers, but the council is “refining the overall temporary events process to make it easier to navigate”.

“We should have details to share on this in the coming months.”

The market was treated the same as every other once-a-year event, she says.