A rider impresses the crowd at a previous Season of Shred fundraiser


If you want to see some absurdly-talented mountain bikers defying gravity this weekend, then Queenstown’s Wynyard Jump Park’s the place for you.

Today’s Season of Shred, the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club’s biggest fundraiser of the year, will be notable for a complete rebuild of the Fernhill facility.

Wes McAllister, who’s organising the event with a bunch of colleagues from Atlas Beer Cafe, says Elevate Trail Building’s putting the final touches on what’s basically a ‘‘whole new park’’.

‘‘They’ve ripped it all apart and completely rebuilt it — it’s super-exciting and will be really impressive.’’

The day will start with McNearly Serious, a timed race run down the McNearly Gnarly course aimed at young or beginner riders, that’ll start at 2pm and continue until about 4pm.

When that’s wrapped up, out will come the big guns for the day’s showpiece, the Jump Jam.

McAllister’s expecting somewhere in the region of 100 riders to take part
in the day’s programme.

For those thinking about coming along just to check it out, hopefully with their families, 4pm is the time to show up.

‘‘You’re going to see some really awesome riders doing some massive jumps and tricks over a series of jumps.’’

The barbie will be fired up, the beer will be flowing and two bands will be doing their thing, all giving the event a family-friendly party atmosphere, he says.

Entry’s $5.