Collaborators: Mike Langford, left, and Print Central boss Graeme Hastie with the former's latest two volumes of landscape photography


A book about Queenstown like no other was one of two launched in town last week by a leading New Zealand photographer.

When he moved into a Queenstown Hill home in 2009, Mike Langford vowed to shoot the panoramic view every time it interested him.

From about 3000 photos taken till the day he moved out, last June, he’s selected 27 for Scenes from the Lounge: A personal view of Queenstown, NZ

“The first day I said, is the first of a series, and potentially it’s a book because it’s defined’.

“I decided I didn’t want people in them – I concentrated more on the weather.”

From either his lounge or front deck he shot down Lake Wakatipu, towards Kingston, or up the lake towards Walter Peak and Mt Nicholas.

“The really bad weather came from the south, so lots of blues, and all the westerly storms came the other way, and they were really warm colours, so there’s a real difference in the colour palette, and that’s what books need – contrast.”

Langford, who’s now living in Twizel, says he originally intended launching the book before the Covid-19 lockdown.

“When it happened, I went back to it and reworked probably half of it.”

While he couldn’t leave home, he also discovered he had enough material for another book, Southern Manscapes – photos of lower South Island scenery with man-made structures in them, like power pylons, dams and broken-down houses, taken over the past 15 years.

Both books have been self-published and printed by Queenstown’s Print Central and retail for about $40 at Queenstown’s Bound bookstore and Dorothy Browns Arrowtown Cinema & Bookshop.