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WWE trial in Melbourne for Queenstown wrestler

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Local wrestler Marc Perry has the “opportunity of a lifetime” with a chance to smash his way into the global wrestling scene. 

The 26-year-old Queenstowner is one of eight New Zealand wrestlers flying to Melbourne to trial for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in early August. 

High flyer: Queenstown wrestler Marc Perry wants to break into WWE ranks

A gruelling two-day trial designed to weed out the unworthy awaits the hopeful wrestlers. 

“It’s hell on earth by the sounds of things,” Perry says. 

The first day will involve drills to test the athlete’s fitness and strength within the ring. 

Perry hopes his regular fitness routines will be enough to handle whatever is thrown at him. 

“I’m a gym goer anyway and wrestle regularly. Lately I’ve been going to the gym twice a day on three days a week, and once a day on the other two days.” 

Those who make it through to the second day will have the chance to show off their wrestling skills – and their charismatic persona. 

“Charisma is sometimes more important than the skills.” 

Perry’s persona ‘Marcus Kool’ has been incorporated from his break dancing days back in the United Kingdom.
“I used to be a break dancer back when I was younger ... I try to incorporate that into my character and in the ring.” 

“I’m known as a high flyer. Because I’m wrestling bigger opponents I’m looking at jumping off things, aerial assaults.” 

If successful, Perry will have the opportunity to train at the WWE Performance Centre in Florida. 

“WWE is the ultimate destination, that’s every wrestler’s dream. It’s the be-all and end-all.” 

Perry has been an avid wrestling fan since he was a child and began wrestling when he was 15. 

“A local wrestling school in my town had an ad in a wrestling magazine. I lied about my age to get in.” 

Juggling wrestling and a full-time job as sales coordinator at Queenstown’s NZONE, Perry also manages to take time out of his day to pass on his love for the sport by running private lessons at Fight Science in Queenstown.

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