Young Victoria


Young Victoria
Review by: Henry-Stewart

Since watching the trailer, I had been really looking forward to this film.

It appeared to be beautifully shot, with an interesting storyline and fantastic costume design and indeed the movie had all of that, however it seemed to be lacking in so much more.

Although the actors all pulled off a great performance individually, there seemed to be no chemistry to speak of between any of them, least of all Victoria and Albert.

A great shame when the story is based around the first turbulent days of Victoria’s reign and the ‘passionate’ romance with Albert.

Also the story of Queen Victoria’s reign is an interesting one in reality which is why it puzzled me that they embellished a few of the facts to make it more exciting, if I was after action I’d have switched my brain off to G.I. Joe instead.

All in all, the movie is worth seeing for it’s fantastic cinematography and costume design, however don’t be surprised if you walk out at the end wondering why it looked as if they’d set up the start of a sequel… There already is one, it’s called Mrs. Brown!

3 out of 5 stars – simply for its artistic merit and stand out performances.

Young Victoria is playing at Reading cinema in Queenstown.