Wrapping herself in rhymes

Auckland MC: Tali plays Bungalow

MC Tali doesn’t rap about money, hoes and clothes.

She concentrates on more non-traditional subjects like feelings, emotions, positivity and world issues.

The Auckland-based artist, real name Natalia Sheppard, is bringing her take on rhyming couplets to Bungalow this weekend with British hubby Chiccoreli, aka Benn Rolls-Sheppard.

Her combo performance is set to be lively and impromptu.

“I don’t have set rhymes that I remember every time and sometimes I forget. It is freestyling — you never know what you are going to get.”

Her job is to toast the DJ, get the audience geared up then she’ll rap over the drum and bass tracks.

It varies. Sometimes it could be a harmony with the existing melody. Other times it’ll be a twist on track lyrics or a solo performance over an instrumental section. Tali loves the spontaneity of it all and the fact she gets to big-up the DJ.

“It’s about getting the crowd to make noise for him, getting them to put their hands in the air and generally create an atmosphere that is conducive to having the time of their lives. You are only there because the DJ is — it is very much a connected thing. ”

The collaboration with her hubby is a fairly new one.

They met when she was living in the United Kingdom — she literally bumped into him on a street in London and love blossomed.

A couple of conversations later the pair realised they shared a love of drum and bass.

The duo upped sticks and moved to New Zealand. At first they performed separately but after a couple of collaboration requests thought it was a pretty sweet gig to travel and perform together.

Tali was never lured by the DJ thing — her passion is lyrics. She thinks she is lucky to have a knack for rapping and rhyming, something she puts down to years spent listening to drum and bass and rave music. Being a female also helps — there aren’t too many women in the MC industry in New Zealand.

While she has performed all over the world, an invite to play Queenstown is always accepted and the pair hope to settle here one day.

What can the audience expect?

“Chiccoreli on decks playing drum and bass of a liquid nature and deeper flavour accompanied by my soaring voice and conscience lyrics.”


Godess presents MC Tali with Chiccoreli, JC Bass-e and D Jade, tomorrow, 10pm, Bungalow Queenstown