With a hard and heavy soul


Australian funk outfit Gang of Brothers has a musical heritage that stretches back generations. 

The five-piece band contains four sons of acclaimed avant-garde Chilean guitarist Victor Martinez of band Martinez Akustica. 

Elder brothers Andro and Dauno toured extensively with their father and all four sons picked up instruments while they were just boys. 

Now the brothers have brought their talents and varied musical influences together into what’s being called a hard soul act. 

Gang of Brothers is yet to release its first album but debut single Get Up On Ya Feet n Testify received rave reviews after radio play. 

Andro says: “Basically we call the style heavy soul, that’s how we describe it. 

“There are a lot of different elements – it has a strong edge and is very funk/soul orientated. 

“My father is a guitar player and has been playing all his life, that’s how we began our musical journey. 

“It’s hard to describe Gang of Brothers as more modern because the other music is very avant-garde, acoustic stuff that is a bit crazy. 

“This is electrified with a strong back beat, so some would call it more modern, but it is a different thing.” 

Guitarist Andro and Dauno, on bass and beat vox, are joined by brothers Fenix, keyboards, and guitarist Banel, along with ‘adopted brother’ Buddy Silo – a talented drummer and lead vocalist. 

“Musically we come to a meeting point where all our separate influences come together and that turns into music,” Andro says. 

“As individuals we’re very different, our styles, and we’re all into different music, rock, world music, funk, soul, jazz. 

“So there’s a real mixture – rather than all of us coming together to play Stevie Wonder songs, we all have our own thing and join together. 

“It’s good because we have different ideas and sounds and that creates something fresh.” 

Gang of Brothers will release Get Up On Ya Feet n Testify followed by an as-yet-untitled album shortly after. 

“We’ve been recording the album and we’re happy with what we have – we’re very much looking forward to putting it out,” Andro says. 

“For us it is all about the music and having a good time so we hope that comes across.”

Catch Gang of Brothers at SkyCity Casino tomorrow and Saturday at 11.30pm, and at Barmuda on Sunday from 11pm. Admission is free.