Winter Festival – July 6

Millennium Hotels Sunday Brunch and Jazz

It’s the last day of Festival. You’re probably feeling a bit weary from the week gone by.
If you’re not, you’ve not been partying hard enough.

There’s nothing like a hearty feed and some uplifting Jazz to set you on the road to recovery.
Sip on a complimentary bubbly and get lost in a heap of Sunday papers while the Les Richardson Quartet play the classics.

Coronet Peak & Techno Alpin Festival Finale with dDub

What a great note to end Festival on. Ddub will get the crowd jumping in their snow boots in a one-off free gig up the hill.

There’ll be celebrities, there’ll be prizes and a good dose of fun.

Enjoy a bit of riding, check out the rail jam and have one last boogie as the sun goes down.
There’s even a laser show to keep you entertained.

The perfect end to a perfect week.

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