Winter Festival – July 2

Q92 The Breeze Downtown Day

This is Queenstown gone mad. For one afternoon only, hotel bosses become servants and corporate big-shots ditch the suit and tie to race round an obstacle course in suspenders and heels.

There’ll be bed making, cocktail serving and other random tasks made more amusing by the skimpy outfits worn by familiar faces about town.

It’s also a good chance to check out this year’s Top Bloke contestants as they fight it out in the pizza throwing competition.

There’s prizes galore and if you scream loud enough you might win best support group.

Crocs Battle of the Sexes

Who will come out on top in Jeremy Corbett’s hilarious radio contest?

All stops will be pulled and no holds barred in a cut-throat fight to find the true superior species.

Expect quick-witted come-backs about multi-tasking, housework, childcare, sport and obviously, driving, in what promises to be a hilarious night of audience participation. It’ll be impossible not to get sucked in.

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