Winter Festival gossip


– Even Queenstown’s More FM radio show host Henry Youngman seemed lost for words during Queenstown Pole Studio’s hot routine in the Birdman competition. His commentary amounted to: “Oh my God … oh my God … Oh. My. God …” followed by: “Oh my God.” 

– Fergburger got a plug from American comedian Arj Barker during his stand-up before the Flight of the Conchords last Sunday night. “When I first heard it, I thought it was ‘Fur Burger’. I thought it was a 1970s-themed strip bar or something.” 

-In case you missed the Flight of the Conchords show at the Events Centre … Bret McKenzie noted: “I love that there’s a rock-climbing wall in the venue in case you get bored … you can have a go at some adventure sports …classic Queenstown.” 

– Off-sider Jemaine Clement: “It’s such an honour to play here in the broken limb capital of the world.” 

– After the show McKenzie hit Bardeaux where a female bar staffer serving him failed to recognise the famous Grammy-winning Kiwi. When she asked what he’d been up to, he said he’d been to the Conchords show. She said: “Oh yeah, how was it?” “I thought it was pretty good,” McKenzie replied. 

– On the Conchords, it was one of the biggest seated shows ever hosted by the Events Centre. They had to raid seating stocks from around the South Island – the Events Centre had 645 but needed 1766 all up. 

– Well done to the bloke hired by Lakes Leisure to measure the seating out – to squeeze them all in he had to make sure there was no more than 37cm between rows. It took him two full days at $16.50 an hour. Asked where the bloke was on the night, Alpine Health & Fitness general manager Richie Heap quipped: “He’s off getting drunk somewhere after all that.” 

– Gen-i Business luncheon MC David Kennedy, after Auckland Airport boss Simon Moutter gave a critique of tourism industry lack of cohesion: “Thanks Simon, why don’t you tell us what you really think?”