Why should you vote for me as Queenstown’s mayor/ as a councillor?


Simon Hayes (mayoral candidate)
For 25 years I have lived in the Queenstown Lakes District region. My previous terms and achievements as both deputy mayor and as councillor are recorded and documented. My ability to lead and influence is acknowledged by the local community at all levels. I have chaired numerous clubs, organisations and events and been influential in the directions taken by schools, church councils, Lions clubs, housing for the elderly and those in special need. 

Michael Scott (mayoral candidate)
A vote from you secures honesty, openness and no-nonsense leadership. I’m not a politician, or a yes man, nor am I in this for personal gain. When you need to be heard I will listen. My priority will be debt reduction and reviewing council’s level of service. Our community will be involved in ongoing decision-making with open consultation. You have my 100 per cent commitment. Our community needs a mayor they can relate to and that’s me. 

Vanessa van Uden (mayoral candidate)
My seven years of council experience is current and relevant. As the council’s contracts manager for four years and a councillor for the last three, my council contacts are wide-ranging and made up of people in the here and now. I’ve made it my business to learn about all issues affecting all our districts, and get to know the people who can contribute. I want to set up thinktanks to develop transparency, use experts with a passion for the area, and slash our huge, nonsensical consultancy spend.

Annette Dalziel (Queenstown/Wakatipu ward)
You need to vote for me because I will listen then represent you (the ratepayer) in debate to give you a sense of belonging to this area and not just a paying observer. Residents – ratepayers are agreeing with me that we need to have a better balance with the tourist industry, we are paying our ever-increasing rates and not receiving value and/or respect for our money.

Cath Gilmour (Queenstown/Wakatipu ward)
Because I’m an effective, hard-working advocate and representative of our community. I have integrity, listen, consult, research options, question, think and make decisions based on long-term community benefit. I would like to see Wakatipu being home to a flourishing community, where people of all ages and stages can contribute and be supported, while protecting the environment and economy on which our community’s health and wealth depend. I will continue to push for more transparent process, positive action, efficiency, community focus and financial restraint. 

Mel Gazzard (Queenstown/Wakatipu ward)
A one-term councillor, I would like the opportunity to continue to work on behalf of the Queenstown Lakes District. I know our area well and have a proven background in community involvement. There is a lot of work ahead for the new council and I believe I have the ability to face up to difficult issues and make a positive contribution.

John Mann (Queenstown/Wakatipu ward)
I have a clear vision of what we need to do to deliver on the expectations of the community. This council has successfully turned the emphasis away from a ‘full on’ growth mode into one of consolidation and efficiency. The benefits of that are already becoming apparent, and I would like to ensure those gains are realised. The other major challenge concerns our town centres, and whilst good progress has been made concerning environment and facilities, more needs to be done in terms of cohesiveness and security. I have both the experience and the will to achieve a superior outcome.

Russell Mawhinney (Queenstown/Wakatipu ward)
Because I think clearly. We need to find clarity around our vision. Because I have a good blend of community involvement and commercial acumen. Our family is very involved in the community, and I am a commercial lawyer with a real feel for what is happening commercially out there. Because of my determination and strength of character. I am determined to see council become more effective as a strategic body which truly represents our community, which prioritises the important things, and which gets them done. Lastly, because I will help both council and community build greater pride and unity.

Kevin Peterson (Queenstown/Wakatipu ward)
My reason for standing has been made clear in that I want to bring a more businesslike approach to the way council operates. From my recent “meet the candidates” community meetings it has been made very clear that this discipline is needed badly and now. My previous extensive business experience together with my 35 years as a chartered accountant give me the necessary skills that the council needs over the next few years to not only improve our financial position but to address and challenge some of the other key issues that are facing us today.

Simon Spark (Arrowtown ward)
I have the passion and drive to be a good councillor. I don’t want to be somebody who sits on committees and attends council meetings to rubber stamp pre-determined policy. I want to be a voice that debates the issues and communicates with my community so we start making some commonsense decisions instead of increasing rates to fix the cock-ups that are born out of poor consultation and understanding. I want to instigate a culture where the councilors actually lead the Queenstown Lakes District forward and face the challenges we will encounter so after three years I can be judged by the voter and held accountable for what I do or don’t achieve.

Simon Stamers-Smith (Queenstown/Wakatipu ward)
Normally why one should do anything is a matter of huge conjecture. However the reasons why you should vote for me are really quite simple – my commonsense, experience, dislike of too much bureaucracy, knowledge and a willingness to listen to you and act for you are but a few reasons. A council filled with similarly-minded people – and they are there – will make a great council.

Preston Stevens (Queenstown/Wakatipu ward)
My ability to see the big picture and bring a creative and visionary approach to governance of the QLDC for the benefit and wellbeing of our community. My motivation to work towards a future for the Queenstown Lakes District that enables it to achieve and maintain a status as a quality international tourist destination, that has sustainable and steady growth. I believe that I can provide a positive and well balanced contribution to council, bringing my skills to the council team in working together towards an appropriate, progressive and ambitious future for the district.

Trevor Tattersfield (Queenstown/Wakatipu ward)
You should vote for me because: I have extensive experience at running a large business. I have worked closely with local authorities and QLDC at a senior level, and am able to a make a positive contribution for improvement. I will advocate strongly to restructure current debt to reduce interest costs, reschedule capital projects to a realistic/sustainable level, ensure a balanced growth strategy, while maintaining essential services at a realistic/affordable level, and our ‘point of difference’, demand that costs are contained within revenue, target rate increases to CPI, ensure district receives equitable share of government funding for roading, (e.g Kawarau bridge) and small community projects, ensure council takes an active role in the provision of health services, and in stemming the tide of violence from our party town image.

Graham Thorne (Queenstown/Wakatipu ward)
You should vote for me because I get things done. I believe that good local governance requires the will of the people to make it function properly, so there should always be steady dialogue between councillors and the people who elected them. I listen to what you have to say and translate that into action. I believe in transparency in council dealings. I strongly believe that visitors to our district should pay for the resources they use. I will investigate the best means of doing this and will work diligently to see it come about.

Geoff Wilson (Queenstown/Wakatipu ward)
The reason for people to vote for me is I am a clear thinker and a decision maker, I have lived in the Wakatipu for nearly 37 years, I know the issues, including the contentious issues, I have started and operated businesses locally for 36 years. The Wakatipu has an indescribable magic. I wish to see this magic protected and enhanced. I have great concern with the direction (or lack of) that our council and its companies have been taking and wish to see a direction that is the wish of the ratepayers. I am a clear thinker and a decision-maker.