Whatever they wear, it’s sure to be wacky


Wacky electro-pop band Ed Muzik and the Burning Sensations have a serious wardrobe dilemma ahead of their Queenstown debut tomorrow night.

The Christchurch crew can’t decide whether to appear in bizarre, silver lycra outfits or to come dressed as basketball or netball players.

“Those are the kind of costumes we usually wear for gigs for a laugh,” frontman Ed, aka James Dann, says.
“We’ve even been known to appear decked out like the Super Mario Bros or in weird tie-dye gear.

“But we feel the need to do something a bit special for Queenstown so we’re considering introducing a skiing theme to our stage outfits.

“We try to make things a little bit more exciting for fans than for them to turn up and see a bunch of boring dudes with guitars who are staring at their feet while making feedback sounds.”

The Burning Sensations have been getting airplay around New Zealand with new single Pump Up the Volume, a reworked version of the 1980s international dance music smash by MARRS.

The accompanying video has also been pulling in a cult following on YouTube.

Ed writes, records, sings and plays keyboards on all the songs himself and his bandmates learn them for live shows.

“Our drummer and bass player were in an all-girl punk band for 10 years,” Ed says. “When that broke up, I got to them quickly before they joined another group because they are far more talented musicians than I am.

“But we also have a revolving cast of stars who join us onstage when they can, so I never really know who’ll be performing with us on the night.

“That’s all part of the fun. We like to create the sort of party atmosphere where anything can happen,” Ed adds.