We’re mince and proud of it


Queenstown’s only punk rock band is on a mission – to never play any cover songs. 

Four-strong Mince on Toast has only been gigging for six months but already the high voltage outfit is turning heads with its ear-splitting sound. 

“When we first got together, the first thing we did was make a pact that we’d never do any covers,” rhythm guitarist Jeremy Bloomberg says. 

“The resort is packed with groups doing other people’s material and the usual chart numbers so we wanted to get out there and do something original. 

“Our shows have been going great and we’ve been getting a good reception but I should point out that we are kinda loud.” 

Bloomberg – who says Mince on Toast is inspired by veteran American punks like the Dead Kennedys – reckons the time is right for some high-energy, self-penned rock on the Wakatipu’s music scene. 

“A lot of younger people in Queenstown have never really heard the sound of the punk beat live as there’s a lot of dub and reggae going on in the bars and clubs,” Bloomberg adds. 

“We are a fast and furious band all right, but with a bit more melody to the songs than the pioneering punk groups had in the 1970s.”

Catch Mince on Toast playing with Eddie Ledderhead at Red Rock tomorrow from 9pm