We’ll play for hours


Fans of top Kiwi rockers The Feelers are in for a marathon Queenstown performance. 

The chart-topping band is at Revolver on Wednesday to showcase a raft of songs from their blistering new album Hope Nature Forgives

But as they have a massive back catalogue of hits to play, drummer and founding member Hamish Gee reckons the gig will be a long one. 

“We’ll try and keep our set down to about the two-hour mark but it’s going to be difficult not to just keep playing all night. Trouble is, the older and more decrepit we get, the more songs we have to get through.” 

The Feelers discovered they had the same problem when recording the new disc – their first in six years. 

“We hadn’t done a studio album in a long time and we were amazed to discover we had about 80 new tracks to choose from. We whittled those down to 13, which was a nice headache to have,” Gee says. 

“It might sound arrogant but all the songs are standouts and we are just so bloody happy with everything. 

“And now that we’ve finally got out of that little recording room with no windows we can’t wait to take the new material out on the road.” 

Formed in the early 1990s, The Feelers shot to fame with hits such as Pressure Man and Venus. The band also expects its profile to rocket during the Rugby World Cup – when their tournament anthem Right Here Right Now regularly plays on prime-time TV. 

“We took a lot of stick from some quarters for recording that song for the rugby campaign as it was originally recorded by the English band Jesus Jones,” Gee says. 

“But it has gone down an absolute storm with our fans so we included it on the new album and it’s now a real high point at our live concerts as well.”

Catch The Feelers at Revolver on Wednesday from 7pm