Week 6 v Frankton


All five NZ teams had a win in the Super14, the Black Caps tipped over a seemingly unbeatable Ozzie cricket team and Canada won the Winter Olympics ice hockey gold..but that’s not important right now.

The most compelling game of the weekend was a titanic struggle between two of the table topping 20/20 teams in the Queenstown local comp. Also at stake was the IP Trophy that had been defended for just the 2nd time this season, just the week before. The Pelicans butted heads with the Frankton Taniwha at the un-gentlemanly hour of 11am on Sunday morning under a bright blue Queenstown sky.. Most of the Pelicans were struggling to get permission to leave their Destiny Church meetings early, but after speaking to Bishop Brian Tamaki, a small koha was paid and it was game on.

Si Hawken, the Falcon, called correctly and put the Pelicans into the field. (when I say called correctly, he guessed tails and choose to bat, a decision he would later regret, like we all regret wearing kung fu shoes and polo neck jerseys in the 80’s)

Reggy 9 slips sprinted into the popping crease and unloaded a surface to surface missile first ball with the team all positioned in the now familiar semi-circle behind square on the offside. The Taniwhas opening bat hadn’t seen it before it collided with his bat mid-stroke and ballooned to mid off. Paddo (youngest player in the team) chased it and the game begun in earnest. Rubsee and Reggy tied up the batsman tighter than Renee Chignall tied up Peter Plumley Walker and after 8 overs the Frankton scoreboard read a paltry 31-1.

Brucie Rom dropped a lollipop early on to suck the batsmen into a false sense of security, before the Pelicans embarked on their best fielding display of the season by pouching catches left and right. 2 of the best going to the joint MOM (men of the match) Todd (too fit) Schmidt and Adam (..name your) Price snatching catches that should be shown on Channel 9 with Richie doing the commentary. The moral of the story being – all night on the G&T’s, beers before the game and dark sunglasses are no obstacle to catching if you are talented enough.

Rubsee nicked 3, everyone else chipped in with cheap wickets and the Taniwha limped to 85 after their 20 overs.

LP and Rubsee got us underway, with LP smashing the second ball he faced for an easy 4 runs (all run), except he forgot to tell his partner and he was run out attempted the 4th. A tanty of thermonuclear proportions was averted as he almost coughed himself to death before calming his nerves with a beer, 2 durries and a ham sandwich. Rubsee did the right thing and put his head down for 20 valuable runs.

…name your Price scored 25 with a selection of classic off drives, text book pulls and wild cross batted wafts. Not bad for a guy that was still too pissed to drive AFTER the game. Everyone else batted unselfishly and got te team close to the winning score. Reggy came to the crease with the Pelicans needing 12 runs off 18 balls. The skippers instructions were to ‘take it easy, use the overs and we’ll get the boys home’, Reggy listened intently, nodded to the captain, agreed with him and calmly took guard. The next 3 balls went flying over long off, mid wicket and fine leg and the game was over.

The early start meant an early finish and the aftermatch was notable for the lack of other teams. The Pelican suggests these guys lift their game.

The Pelicans did the right thing and joined the opposition for a quick speech and a cup-o-tea at the events centre before retiring to the Ale House for a debrief and planning session before next weeks game. The leadership group decided that a few beers, 11 steak and cheese pies, BK chips and a packet of Snakes would be an appropriate build up. They were so happy with the decision they spent the rest of the night celebrating, and debating the world changing issues such as who would win in a fight between a Shark and an Eel, and if a Southlander moves to Auckland to live, does he have to air-kiss his girl mates and should he buy hair gel?

After a lengthy and intense debate, the answers were…

Eel (depending on the depth of water and visibility)
Yes, if he wants to breed with a Sheila from up north, and
No, unless he is going to a wedding and the photos won’t be on BookFace.

Next week we take in Arrowtown at 2pm, tickets are for sale at Ticketek and from scalpers on Trademe.

The BC thief is still at large, look out for an overweight, lonely local with a plastic toy fetish and permanently dropped bottom lip.

Remember, the Pelican is the only animal that has ever locked the King Country scrum.

BC balance $682