Visitor From Gore on Winter Festival



Visitor From Gore on Winter Festival

Dark side of the loon

Concerts can bring out some bizarre dancing ‘skills’ – last Sunday it was a weird guy prancing around to the strange beat in his own head and not the noise from the speakers.

He was the bloke who bumped people out of his dance space, was drenched in sweat and looked like he had been out of it since the original Dark Side of the Moon album was released in the 70’s. Thanks, mate.

Overheard but not overlooked

The comments you didn’t hear during the drag-race: “You want a piece of this spunk?”, “Does my ass look fat in this?”, and “I actually really enjoy dressing in drag, but I wouldn’t tell anyone else that.”

Ready, teddy, go

The 2009 Teddy Bears’ Picnic trumped 2008 by introducing what can only be described as kiddie carnage. Numbers were up from last year and included in the mix was not only blow-up balls, safety mats and a mini tramp to jump around on – but even a bouncy castle. To be young last Monday morning was to be free.

Kiddie talk

The number of parade floats were down considerably on last year, but the children in the crowd more than made up for it with comments like: “He is the coolest, awesomeest, greatest spider thing in the world”, “Is that the real ‘Enslaw’, mummy?”, and “I want McDonald’s”.

Heaven sent … for oglers

When heaven’s gates opened and a bikini-clad woman dove through them at the Birdman competition, some men looking on were clearly revisiting sinful memories.

Still to go

Upcoming events to mention are the ice hockey tomorrow, which promises some brutal hits if nothing else, Mountain Mayhem on Saturday and Jazz Night on Saturday night with Six60 – the next big thing.