True Grit (with trailer)


Rating: 5/5 Stars
By Samantha Relph, Cinema Manager

Whilst I admit to watching the occasional Western on a lazy Sunday afternoon, TRUE GRIT goes the extra mile. This film has the full package and I was engrossed from beginning to end.

The well known Coen brothers direct this re-make of the 1960’s classic which tells the story of a young girl’s determination to avenge her father’s death. She enrols the services of US Marshal ‘Rooster’ Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) a trigger happy drunk with ‘true grit’ and insists on accompanying him as they seek out the murderous, Tom Chaney. Chaney is also being hunted by Texas Ranger, Le Boeuf (Matt Damon) and soon the unlikely trio are embarking on a journey together.

Jeff Bridges’ performance cannot be faulted but, for me, it is Hailee Steinfeld who steals the show as the stalwart Mattie Ross. Right from the start you cannot help but admire her nerve, particularly coming from a 14 year-old, and even when vulnerable she demonstrates remarkable level-headedness and maturity. This is real ‘girl power’!!

The story is told simply and has all the elements of a great movie- it’s tough and exciting with a good amount of humour and I loved the rapport between the three central characters. The cinematography is outstanding and the wintery Arkansas landscape evokes a feeling of the harshness of the times. Not surprisingly it received 10 Oscar nominations and deservedly so…..