Trevor Tattersfield


Queenstown/Wakatipu ward (six seats)

Age: 69 years young 

Job: Company director 

Family: Married to Marie. Three married adult family – Michelle, Lisa and Simon (eight beautiful grandchildren!) 

Years in the Wakatipu: Played and worked here all my life – house in Loop Road for 20 years 

Main claim to fame in the resort: Construction and maintenance of the roading network 

Main reason for standing: Worked closely with local authorities all my life and in particular QLDC – am able to make positive contribution to ‘do it better ‘ for the community 

Single biggest issue of interest: The blow-out of costs (relative to income). Rates at 9% increase when CPI is only 3.1% ! – e.g. $18m spent on ‘consultants last year! – highest roading costs in NZ
Biggest gaffe: Blowing my own Trumpet! (literally)