Toogood gets intimate


He may not step off a helicopter into knee-deep snow this time, but rocker Jon Toogood is winging his way to Queenstown again. 

The veteran Shihad frontman is on a nationwide tour with his new band The Adults, which also features Fur Patrol’s Julia Deans and Shayne Carter of Dimmer and Straitjacket Fits. 

The jaunt will showcase Toogood’s first solo album – a collaboration with some of New Zealand music royalty including Carter, Deans, Ladi 6, Anika Moa, Tiki Taane, Redford Grenell and Warren Maxwell. 

Toogood says the star-studded disc came from writing songs that weren’t suited to Shihad’s heavy rock sound, and grew more from writing with the other artists. 

“When you’re working with someone else, you’re coming up with stuff that you wouldn’t come up with by yourself,” Toogood says. 

“That, as a music writer, or a music lover, is way more interesting to me than the stuff that just comes out of my brain.” 

He describes the album as “music for the sake of music”, with no real defined genre but a definite power. To me it sounds like a big V8 engine, but just sitting there, waiting to explode, but not feeling the need to do that,” 
Toogood explains. 

“It’s like chaos – but really good chaos.” 

The tour visits small bars throughout New Zealand – a big change for a man more accustomed to large stadium gigs. 

“I’m looking forward to being in that intimate space with this music – because it’s really intimate music,” Toogood says. 

Toogood last played in Queenstown for Winter Festival in 2007, when the snow was so deep that he and Shihad had to be choppered into the event. 

Even with the possibility of a lot less powder he is still looking forward to coming back. 

“Queenstown’s a really cool, interesting place to go to – I’ve always enjoyed my times down there.” 

Self-confessed “music nerd” Toogood says he’s learnt more working on the new album than he has in the past 15 years. 

“It doesn’t sound like me, it doesn’t sound like them – it sounds like something completely new,” he says. 

“It means that the future looks really interesting to me.”

Catch The Adults at Revolver next Thursday (July 28) from 8pm. The show is R18, tickets from