The reel deal


Queenstown’s Adventure Film Festival is packed with awe-inspiring antics by adrenaline junkies – including local bungy pioneer AJ Hackett. 

A sample of Last Paradise – featuring old-school daredevils pioneering new sports – will play at the event, which starts today and runs through till Monday at the Memorial Hall. 

The flick shows vintage clips of thrill-seeker Hackett developing bungy jumping, from leaping off bridges with friends to grabbing global attention by jumping off the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 

“A lot of technology and a lot of toys weren’t available on the shelves,” the overseas-based tourism tycoon explains in the film. 

Festival director Kirsten Nicholl reckons the 40-minute sample of director Clive Neeson’s award-winning Last Paradise will resonate with Queenstowners. 

“It sort of captures a bygone era of a simpler time in New Zealand, when people would just get out and do things in the outdoors,” Nicholl says.