The king of crapness


Leave your dignity at the door this Sunday night at The World Bar.

Self-proclaimed “hyperactive dip-shit”, Tomas Ford, wants his Queenstown audience to be idiots.

The DJ reckons by personally being the “biggest idiot in the room” the crowds find it easier to follow suit.

The Aussie performer proudly pitches himself to be the world’s worst DJ, only playing “crap” music.

However, the standard of crapness is high.

Partygoer ears will be bleeding at the sound of ’80s pop, bad disco, and “boy band stuff” throughout the evening.

Although Ford says current crap music is not off the cards — he admits to thrashing Justin Bieber — some artists simply don’t make the cut.

“I can’t really play Beyonce that you might actually want to listen to.”

The crowd also has some control over the calibre of crap music that gets spun, as they can request songs on the night.

But be warned, Ford will only play beats that fit inside the crap perimeters.

The concept came about when Ford started getting booked more often in Perth as a DJ.

“I discovered that I was really bad at playing good music but really good at playing bad music.”

After that he started getting crapper — layering bad music on top of bad video projections on top of ridiculous costumes.

Ford reckons it tickles people’s fancy because there’s nothing pretentious about the gig — it’s all just a big laugh.

“It’s the kind of thing that sounds stupid before you get there so everybody knows that it’s going to be a big stupid night,” he says.

For the past five years Ford has been DJ-ing but classes himself as a “fringe cabaret comedian type”.

He’s been performing in one way or another for the past 12 years.

Ford’s heading to New Zealand with his family in tow — they will join him after his Queenstown show.

They’re doing a caravan tour around the country in what Ford describes as “the worst possible time of year”.

It’s not all bad, as they’re planning to hit the slopes.

However, Ford reckons they’ll stay in the caravan while he’s out gigging.

“They might be a bit sick of my antics by now,” he jokes.

The Crap Music Rave Party is also headed to Auckland, Dunedin, Wellington and Hamilton.

Crowds who brave the entertainment can count on a “wild night with a crazy dude who’s playing horrible crap”.

Catch Tomas Ford at The World Bar with his Crap Music Rave Party, 9pm Sunday. Tickets — $15 from Eventfinda