The Black Seeds are back with hot live album


Kiwi chart-toppers The Black Seeds urge fans to get to the Memorial Hall early tonight to soak up a dazzling double bill of reggae and roots music.

The eight-strong Wellington band has invited top American outfit John Brown’s Body to open the show for them on their latest nationwide tour.

The Yank stars shot to No1 on the Billboard Reggae Charts last year with album Amplify.

The Black Seeds will hit the stage in full force off the back of 28 shows overseas – including a successful coast-to-coast stint in the United States.

“We were supporting John Brown’s Body on all the US dates and it’s good to return the favour and ask them to share the bill with us in New Zealand,” says Black Seeds frontman Barnaby Weir.

“But it does feel a bit like we’ve got some sort of foreign exchange programme going on.

“When we found out John Brown’s Body are as big supporters of our music as we are of theirs, it was quite phenomenal and humbling.

“They’re good dudes and the Queenstown gig will be a special meeting of musical minds.

“It’s turned out to be a good partnership and people should get to the gig early to see them doing their stuff.
“We’ll try to give everyone as much of them as possible, then we will come on.”

As well as bowling over fans in the US, The Black Seeds last month did the same at gigs in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

“Things are going well for us in Europe, we are getting good turnouts and good vibes,” Weir says. “Another good sign is that fewer Kiwis and more locals are turning up at the overseas shows, so we must be doing something right.”

After four hit albums, including double platinum NZ No1 Into the Dojo, The Black Seeds have just released their first live CD. It features 12 tracks from various concerts since 2003 and isn’t available in shops.

“We wanted to put out something special that people could only get either at our gigs or from our website,” Weir says. “There’s a lot of raw energy there and that’s what we do well. It was a lot of fun going through recordings from years ago and listening to stuff with our old lineup on it. There are some pretty fruity dance tracks in there.

“We have so much material that we’ll put out another live album as soon as we can.”