The Angry Dragons v Frankton


Match Report

The Dragons fielded 1st and held them to under 200 – Good Effort.

Mead 1 wkt bowled
Tama 1 wkt cght Gadget
Ants 1 wkt cght Mead – 1 wkt cght Gadget – 1 wkt cght Sam – 1 wkt bowled
Jas 1 wkt bowled – 1 wkt bowled
All out 177

A Friday night wedding which lasted 2 nights probably didn’t help the top order batters.
Jas – 30, Rob – 41 the only stayers.
Last stance by Chris & Paul was too tough and we fell short by 30 – Never mind.

The BBQ, thanks Bondi who had to field as well (thanks to Coburn and his boyfriend Peri snorkelling in Fiji) was great with flounder supplied by an injured but dedicated Bales. Anybody heard from Cam Read ?? Awol!!

Next Friday 20th 5:30 v LHE No 1 ground

With social hour at Harry’s to follow, and some Fiji babes as entertainment. Sounds good, bring a Lawyer! And there will be fines to pay.
Still some monies to come in boys bring the “wife’s” purse and settle up.

Cheers Management team.

Ps I picked up a pair of jandals –size 20 and a childs Boston Tigers hoody.