Telecom XT short-circuits Open

Telecom’s nationwide XT network meltdown continues to short-circuit businesses in the hub of the NZ Open.
Despite assurances that the problems would be fixed after yesterday’s crash, many Eftpos terminals, computers and phones are still down on Main Street at The Hills golf course.
Telecom’s network glitch – the second in as many months – disrupts months of planning for local and national businesses converging on the country’s biggest golfing event, which began today.
Arrowtown’s Gary Mullings, owner of The Jade and Opal Factory, has been forced to share his “zip zap” credit card machine to the neighbouring Golf Distributors shop for manual transactions.
“I’ll be tallying it all up at the end of the day and we’ll have to give [Golf Distributors] a cheque,” Mullings says.
Mullings has to have staff at his Arrowtown shop visit him regularly so he can talk to them for stock replenishment – his XT phone still isn’t working.
“It’s a pain. We hope the XT people have bought a vineyard around here so they shout us some wine for our troubles,” Mullings says.
Golf Distributors owner Warren Bining says his hassles aren’t just limited to processing sales – his computer won’t connect to his Palmerston North base and his phones are down as well.
“It’s carnage, really,” Bining says.
“We have got to find someone out here on Vodafone so we can ring our office.”
Meanwhile, staff from Open caterers Continental say their Eftpos was down for periods during the Pro-Am yesterday but today only phones are affected.
“Our Eftpos went down at 4pm yesterday,” Continental worker Emma Hilston says.
“It wasn’t busy but it was just inconvenient because we’re supposed to have both Eftpos and cash here.”
Not every business is affected. Westpac’s Scott Sinclair says he’s got no problems with his cash-out service.
“Whatever network we’re using is working perfectly, which is different to what some other businesses are reporting.”