Team to Play Kelvin Heights Ducks


After last week’s shock loss in the Ian Paterson Challenge Trophy match the selectors have rotated in a couple of batters to help ensure that we don’t fiold like a deck of cards again. The toss has been done over the phone and the Pelicans have been put into bat.



The team for Friday is as follows.

1. Brad Patterson
2. Chris Julian
3. Hayden Finch
4. Fraser Wilson
5. Damian Petre – Top batsmen
6. Greg Douglas
7. Damian O’Connell
8. Ralph Winder (c)
9. Phil Casey
10. Dzin Wilson – Top bowler
11. Tane Evens
12. Caleb Finn

We have chosen 12 players again, someone will miss out on batting/bowling.

The game starts at 5:30 pm so players should be at the ground by 5:15 pm for warm-ups, remember that Dippers will be monitoring punctuality closely this season. Keep an eye out for the flashing green light. This will be our secret message to the batsmen to lift the run rate even more.

LP will be bringing a Maui Motor home for us to enjoy the game from and as it is a friday dinner will be served from the local fish and chip shop.


Pelican Bay State Prison is a houses some of California’s most dangerous inmates.