Team for Game against Frankton Reptiles


Team to Play Frankton

This Friday the Queenstown Central Pelicans does battle against the Frankton Reptiles on ground number two at 5:15 pm.

The Pelicans have lost the toss and are fielding first.

The team for this weekend is as follows

1. Paddo ©
2. LP (WK)
3. John Stephens
4. Fraser Wilson
5. Damian Petre
6. Hayden Finch
7. Dzin Alekzander
8. Bruce Romeril
9. Dan Wells
10. Damian O’Connell
11. Ryan Clements
12. Greg Douglas (subject to fitness test)

Ralph Winder
Regan 9 slips
Baa Baa
Chris Julian
Tane Evans
Clark Frew

As usual for a Friday night game there will be lots of beer and copious amounts of sausages, donuts and chips

Afterwards we will retire to the Ale house to watch Super Touch with the Crusaders playing the hurricanes.

The biggest question facing the selectors this weekend is who will take the new nut with Regan 9 slips unavailable due to a bogan convention and can we fell Don Jackson two years in a row.

Pelican Fact
There are seven species of pelicans in the world, none of which rollerblade or wear Oakley blades, however only one group relies on Speight’s for fuel.

Till Friday

The Pelican