Superfan takes the biscuit


Diehard dDub fan Michael Mayell (far right) still isn’t tired of his favourite act despite seeing them for the 17th time.

The hit band’s Coronet Peak gig last Sunday – the Winter Festival finale – is the latest in a long list of venues he’s heard them at while following them around the country for the past couple of years.

It was love at first listen for Christchurch-based businessman Mayell, co-founder of biscuit giant Cookie Time and a regular Queenstown visitor.

He even caught the roots/reggae group three nights running in Queenstown and Wanaka last New Year.

Mayell and partner Samantha Atkins have flown all over New Zealand to catch six-man dDub and even paid the band to perform at a private party in Christchurch.

“Quite often I’d go to these gigs and look around the room and think ‘Yip I’m the oldest one here again’,” the 49-year-old fan says.

Mayell says he listened to dDub’s albums Medicine Man and Awake at Dawn once or twice a day for a year.
“I do not understand it,” he says.

Mayell and dDub’s lead singer-guitarist Derek Browne have become firm friends –Cookie Time teamed up with the band in April last year to sell their CDs in-store.