Sultan’s sixties vibe


Canadian artist Mark Sultan’s first musical memory was listening to I am the Walrus by The Beatles when he was three years old.

This sixties vibe is evident in his music and he says the list of artists who influence him from this era is “crazy”.

As a one-man band, he plays the drums, guitar, bass – as well as performing vocals.

He is playing The Sherwood tonight and reckons each performance is littered with a huge amount of energy.

“If you open your mind and focus, you will see that I give 100 per cent of my soul to a show. It is very rock ‘n’ roll, very honest and real. I try to conjure ghosts. It sounds like a haunted jukebox sometimes, and is always free-form.”

He has toured the world with his music and also adds jazz, punk and pop to his playlist.

This is his first time to Queenstown and he hasn’t a clue what to expect. He reckons this is part of the excitement of touring and says each town educates him in some way.

He also wants to enlighten his audience and get them thinking about music.

“Sometimes people feel hesitant to check something out they aren’t familiar with. Don’t do that this time,” he urges.

“I guarantee a good show. I don’t think you’ve seen this kind of thing before.”

As an artist he has released music on labels such as Sub Pop and Fat Possum and has performed in bands including The King Khan & BBQ Show, Almighty Defenders and Ding-Dongs.

With a wide-range of instruments he prides himself on sounding like a whole band – something he thinks makes his sound unique.

“I have good songs and sing well. I am a real rock ‘n’ roller who sacrifices his being so that we can all live in the moment. I am a surrealist and an outsider.”

Mark will be playing The Sherwood, tonight, Thursday, 9pm. Tickets are $10.