Street player goes indoors


A local multi-instrumentalist who says his regular street performances are like concerts is taking his popular sounds inside Queenstown bars and restaurants.

Graeme James, 27, does a lot of busking but has started to play more indoor gigs.

“Most of the people who have seen me in Queenstown would have seen me busking,” he says.

The Wellington musician is here for three weeks playing music he won’t define by genre.

The style he plays depends on the audience at the time and how they respond, James says.

James started playing violin aged seven and guitar at about 18 – then started on mandolin, melodica, mandola, bass, drums, percussion and the loop pedal.

James says he often creates unprepared melodies while playing loop music: “I’ve had a lot of practice on the individual instruments but I never do much practice with looping.

“I try and keep it as spontaneous as I can,” James says.

The musician adds beat boxing into the mix when he creates reinterpreted cover songs.

Graeme James Crehan plays Les Alpes tonight, Thursday, July 11.