Stand-up at Searle Lane & Social


A QUEENSTOWN-bound comedian is full of funny stories.

So don’t expect Perth-based Dan Brader to be busting out funny one-liner after funny one-liner when he plays at Searle Lane & Social tonight (Thursday).

For Brader it’s always been stories rather than gags that have drawn him to perform: “My act’s mostly observational – stories about nights out that went wrong, being useless with girls as a young guy,” Brader says.

“And then there’s quite cynical and biting stuff about what’s happening in the world.

“I don’t like standard jokes as much as funny stories, but it’s difficult to master as a performer – especially if it’s a tough crowd.

“People expect jokes, so you have to get really fluid with little funny bits every 30 seconds, so they’re into the story before they realise.”

That interest in stories has seen Brader, originally from Invercargill, pen a comic book – The Adventures of the Kite Family – about comedian Donnie Kite who moves home to live with his constantly bickering parents.

“It’s pretty biographical to tell you the truth,” Brader laughs. “I don’t really change much, it’s pretty legit.”

Brader, 28, is one of six comedians who will perform tonight as the Comic Addiction Tour hits town, drawn from New Zealand and Australian comedy circuits.

Scottish funnyman David Oakes, a regular on the Auckland scene, will headline with his warped view on life.

Christchurch comic David Corroes, whose YouTube parody of Miley Cyrus’ risque VMA Awards performance has 800,000 views, will support, along with Wellingtonian Wyeth Chalmers, Arabic comic Abz Ali and Dunedin’s Lockie Rhodes.

“We’re pretty supportive of each other most of the time – poke fun at each other lightly if it doesn’t go well, pat each other on the back if it does,” Brader says.

“Should be a good night.”

Catch the Comic Addiction Tour at Searle Lane & Social tonight from 6pm. Tickets $15