Source Code


Rating : 4/5 Stars 
Reviewed by : Samantha Relph, Manager Dorothy Browns Cinema

With a run of recent sci-fi movies, Source Code stands up remarkably well. We are drawn into the “plot” at a hurtling pace and then extra layers just keep on developing for avid viewing.

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as air force pilot Colter Stevens who, having been on a tour of duty in Afghanistan, finds himself awaking on a packed commuter train. As the mystery unfolds we discover that he is part of a shadowy government scheme where he can endlessly relive the last eight minutes of another man’s life. There is a huge explosion killing all those on board the train and Colter is assigned to discover the identity of the bomber. He is told he is not time travelling so cannot alter this event, but the mystery bomber is planning a much bigger attack that threatens millions of people in downtown Chicago and must be stopped.

And so Colter begins a kind of “groundhog day” scenario but as the train speeds along so does the audience, gleaning more and more on each journey. It is difficult to review without giving too much of the plot away but there is definitely more to this story. I loved the different aspects that came to light, and yes, there is even a bit of romance! Perhaps towards the end it became a little too “unbelievable” but then I always get my knickers in a twist trying to fathom parallel universes!

Gyllenhaal does a great job but it was also a bonus to see Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright within the cast.

Screening at Dorothy Browns and its rating which is (M) (Contains offensive language & sexual references)