Soul diva headlining Queenstown jazz fest


THAT classic soul combination of soaring yet sultry vocals has always come naturally to Renee Geyer.
The Australian singer – who built a stellar career spanning four decades on her effortless delivery – admits even she’s unsure where the power in her voice comes from.
And to this day, it’s not something she has to work on. 

“I just happen to be an unusual character; special” Geyer laughs. 

“It’s a phenomenon that I don’t even understand – how I’m able to do what I do with the frequency and strength, even though technically on paper I shouldn’t be able to. 

“I’m very lucky and I know that I’m fortunate to have that capacity.” 

Geyer will blast through her hits, along with jazz and soul standards and some new tunes, at the Queenstown Memorial Centre tomorrow night. 

The ARIA Hall of Famer is the headline act at Queenstown International Jazz & Blues Festival. 

“I think a live gig is, and always has been, the greatest way to hear an artist and what they’re about,” Geyer says.
“I’ve got 25 albums out there but the live shows are how people know what I do.

“Albums are an indication of style and genre but nothing to do with really what you sound like.”
Geyer’s voice has led her on a musical odyssey over the years – through R&B and soul from the age of 16, to pop and big-band jazz. 

The mellowed diva has released more than 20 albums and sung with the best in the business over the years.
“My show’s a mixture of my best-known songs Say You Love Me, Heading in the Right Direction, things like that. And then I’ll always do my own versions of three or four songs originally from other people, and some new ones,” Geyer says