The South Auckland hip-hop trio who last week smashed a 23-year-old chart record might never have done so if they’d gone with their first-choice single.

Rapper Deach and his Smashproof crewmates Tyree and Young Sid play Revolver tomorrow night, fresh from seeing debut single Brother claim No 1 spot in the New Zealand charts for the 10th consecutive week.

Smashproof have Kiwi music exec Kirk Harding to thank for seeing Brother break the nine-week record set by All Of Us anthem Sailing Away in 1986, Deach says.

Harding runs the band’s NZ label Move The Crowd from his New York base, where he works as a marketing guru for Universal-Motown.

“If we as Smashproof had to have chosen our first single, that wouldn’t have been it,” Deach explains. “It was Kirk’s idea to bring Brother out first, mainly because we had [Auckland singer-songwriter] Gin Wigmore on the hook – it made it more mainstream.

“We sort of know what the public wants now. Our next single Friday is a bit of a party song but our third single is more like Brother, more deep and meaningful.”

Brother is lifted from debut album The Weekend – a concept album that Deach says follows the events of a “big weekend”.

“Everything from waking up with a headache to going to the flea market and having interviews. Some are our experiences but mostly we play characters,” he adds.

The chart-topping single includes lyrics that address the stabbing of tagger Pihema Cameron by Auckland businessman Bruce Emery.

“The reaction to Brother has given us a different view,” Deach says.

“Right now we think you need a catchy beat and to talk about current events, everything that’s happening
in NZ, to make everyone listen.

“Anyone could make a club song or a song about getting drunk and so forth but it’s harder to write meaningful songs.”

With plans afoot to take Smashproof to Australia later this year, and negotiations with an overseas label
“up in the air”, worldwide success is the trio’s ultimate goal, Deach says.

“Coming out internationally is probably the best thing that could ever come out of Smashproof.”

Catch chart-topping hip-hip trio Smashproof at Revolver tomorrow from 10pm