Small Talk 19 February 2009

  • Wry chuckles at the BP service station recently when local mega-jeweller Michael Hill pulled up in his Aston Martin and couldn’t open the filler cap to put his petrol in. He had to call someone on his cellphone to get some helpful advice.
  • A checkout attendant at New World this week was telling an English visitor, who was carrying his four-and-a half-month-old daughter, how much she missed her twin grandchildren in the UK. “How old are they?” the Englishman asked. Her reply was a classic: “Six and four.”
  • Walking into town last Sunday, I was amused to see two hitchhikers just outside the Copthorne holding a cardboard sign reading “Invercargill”. I told the two disbelieving visitors they might have more chance of a ride if they ventured to the other side of the road.
  • Spotted coming off an Auckland flight last Sunday afternoon, the day after he’d cleaned up the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series, was Team NZ skipper Dean Barker with wife Mandy and three littlies in tow.