Small screen to world stage


Hotshot DJ/producer Dave Grimus is taking a breather from working on some of the country’s top telly programmes to launch his new EP in Queenstown. 

By day, Grimus holds down a pressure-pot job as media manager and editor for TV3 in Auckland. 

He’s usually up to his eyes in it contributing to current affairs favourites like Campbell Live, Nightline and 60 Minutes, as well as the station’s flagship newscasts. 

By night, he’s out gigging as his musical alter-ego Eavesdrop – and he reckons he’s got the best of both worlds. 

“In my TV role, every day is different and I need that kind of fast-paced energy to keep me focused,” Grimus says. 

“But I’m lucky because editing, audio engineering and music production really go hand in hand and it means I’m always working on something that’s interesting and diverse.” 

Drum ‘n’ bass stalwart Grimus makes his Queenstown debut as Eavesdrop at Debajo on Saturday to showcase his latest EP Air on Fire

The sizzling track is already going down well at radio stations across New Zealand and has also attracted attention from record labels in the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Australia. 

“I’m really glad the song is turning a few heads because a few months back I made the mistake of launching my first single Matter of Time in the week between Christmas and New Year,” Grimus explains. 

“It didn’t even make a blip on the radar anywhere because it came out at the slowest possible time to release anything – so I won’t be making that mistake again.” 

Grimus insists he’s also in no hurry to rush out an album to capitalise on the interest in Air on Fire

“I do have an album’s worth of material in the can but I think it’s best to try and keep building interest in my music with a string of singles before I even think about putting out something more substantial.”

Catch Eavesdrop at Debajo on Saturday from 10pm