SCOTTY: The Young…


Scot MacKay, Visitor From Gore

Queenstown sure is a whole lot prettier than Gore.

I should know – I’ve spent my life chasing sheep and salmon in the deep south, but for the past two Winter Festivals Mr Thomas has kindly sorted travel for me – I hitch to Frankton and they organise the Connectabus into town – where the parties and the lovely ladies are hopefully waiting for me.

Once the Connectabus gets to my stop and I walk the few blocks to the lodgings provided for me, I’ll unpack my backpack and set up my tent on Mr Ferris’s front lawn. He’s feeling sorry for me this year and told me to leave the portable loo at home (it was bloody heavy carrying that along SH6 last year) and he says I’m welcome to nip over to the camping ground down the road to spend a penny – he reckons late at night or first thing in the morning is the trick.

Like any student journalist – I’m working my way through Jim Tully’s journo course at Canterbury Uni – I’ll be packing my trusty camera, video recorder and notebook and I’ll be on the lookout for YOU over Winter Festival.

Yep, I’ll be trying to get to every event to make a record of it – my daily blog with my ageless colleague Scoop and plenty of pics and videos. Make sure you read me and say hi when I’m out and about. My camera will be rolling and I’ll be taking notes … read my blog every day of Festival and trawl through my photos.

Mountain Scene photographers, including my mate Jimbo Allan, will also be capturing all 10 days of Festival action. If you get snapped, you can download your photo for free by clicking here

That’s not all – if you post your Winter Festival photo on the Grabaseat website, you’ll get the chance to win one of two $500 travel experiences.

So Queenstown Winter Festival, you had better watch out. I’m back and I’m now experienced.

And if by chance Daisy, you’re still around and reading this, I’d love you to give me another chance. I was a Winter Festival virgin last year – and I won’t be making the same mistakes this year. I won’t be going too hard too early. I will have stamina in 2009 … that’s a promise.

It’s gonna be awesome