SCOTTY: The Young…


This may be a mass generalisation on my behalf, but if I’m anything to go by then most guys in their 20’s wouldn’t find a fashion show without smoking hot models appealing in the slightest.

Yet yesterday’s Ladies Fashion Afternoon was actually quite alluring, and that had nothing to do with the clothing. Some of those ladies, who I assure you were all over the age of 30 and upwards to 60, actually looked uber hot.

They could be the next Rock Cougar if they put their minds to it.

In saying that, if one of them came up to me in a bar I am sure I wouldn’t be interested, but if they were prancing around the d-floor in their Bendon underwear like they were today then I would seriously rethink my train of thought.

And if I could wolf whistle then my lips would be well dry by now.

The ladies were fine, the crowd was amping, and Emma Lange was on form.

When it comes to taking the piss out of oneself she is the Queen.

Now if Lange was to share that crown with any other person, then it would be Donna Demente, who in my view is the superstar of Mardi Gras mask making.

In my books she is the latest edition to a long line of legends. Her creepy but loveable masks gave life to the loud drumming of the accompanying group. The fire group that followed also tickled my senses into life, bringing together the magic of dance with a slight tinge of pyromania.

The lead fire spinner did let himself down a bit by dropping his equipment, but overall I was enthralled by what I saw, especially when I closed my eyes slightly and looked directly at the fire. Trippy I tell you.

Finally, Te Radar kept the night alight with his cheeky wit and smooth jokes, but as he is working up a laughter storm tonight I will take a rain check on describing him and hang out for the real deal.

Bring it on.

Scot, Visitor from Gore.