SCOTTY: The Young…


Mondays are always a let-down in the real world, and a Monday at Winter Festival is no exception.

At the Teddy Bears Picnic I wasn’t allowed to play on the bouncy castle, mini tramp, safety mats, with any other kids teddy’s, or have my face painted, which was really my own fault because I was too lazy to line up.

I really don’t know where those kids got their patients from; someone must have hidden the sugar. Damn healthy PC environment.

Yet after all that rambling, the children did look like they were loving life. They were like crazy little dogs when they weren’t lined up patiently, running around causing havoc and grief to all parents that had ventured within even 100m of the Events Centre.

So on that note it did make being there a little more exciting. More exciting than the Great Comedy Debate anyway, which after continual reassurance that I was allowed in as media, was denied entry at the door.

What a crock.

Oh well, I did hear that the ‘Great’ debate was over-rated and no better than last year’s pitiful attempt. Sounded like a short hour of public speaking from what I’ve heard.

But who am I to say, I wasn’t even there.

Let’s hope day five is more exciting.

Scot, Visitor from Gore