SCOTTY: The Young …


After a rather lethargic and tiresome start to the day my spirits were soon lifted with what I can only describe as the second best parade I have ever seen at Winter Festival, keeping in mind that I have only been here twice.


But truthfully, although it was entertaining with some definite stand-out floats such as the always interesting Star Wars guys and Earnslaw, it did lack in size in comparison to last year which made it a little disappointing.

The kids however seemed to be enthralled with it all, with one of them even commenting that the Spider Man character was “the coolest awesomest greatest spider thing in the world”, what a legend.

Following on from here I made my way to the Wellington Phoenix versus Melbourne Victory game at the events centre which I do admit was a sight to behold. Now being from the South I have only ever been a rugby fan but after seeing those fellas play the field I was more than converted.

The skill they possessed with the ball and speed of play was epic, and the amount of commitment in the tackles was equally epic.

Although I do admit there was the odd Hollywood after a marginal tackle, it all added to the atmosphere, as did the planes which flew over head at a height that was low enough to kick a ball at. EXCITING!

After all this heart pumping entertainment it was time for a quick power nap in light of the up-coming Masquerade Ball. Now this, I really don’t have words for.

It was wow.


well just wow.

Now I know that doesn’t describe much but with that in mind I will try describe it for those of you that have not attended this amazing event.

From the moment I entered the Millennium Ballroom it was crammed to the brim with masked people covered in feathers and sparkles. The tables gleamed with crystals and the slight air of a smoky haze more than made it a memorable sight.

Optimus Prime even made an appearance.

There were stunning ladies with low cut dresses and blokes who looked just as suave decked out in their finest and polishing the wine like there was no tomorrow.

I bet there will be a few sore heads today, Lindauer isn’t exactly a hangover cure, believe me, I am feeling it at this very second.

It is probably the same reason I locked myself in the bathroom of my work and had to call James to rescue me at 3am.

Yes I know I am stupid, but after all that it was a great day and an even better night.

Bring on tomorrow.

Scot, Visitor from Gore.