SCOTTY: The Young…


I was once told by my journalism teacher that putting the words ‘kick start’ into an introduction just made you look like a fool who couldn’t write, so here goes…

Winter Festival Kick Started last night with a hiss of fire and the bang of what could only be described as a gigantic pig draped over a metal cylinder, or otherwise known as a drum.

It was 6pm and I was off into the crowd with my trusty camera, the faithful notebook and the pen I left back on my desk.

The night was looking like it was shaping up to be a good one as hundreds of people lined the streets to see the fireworks. My confindence was high so i decided to use my media status to my advantage. I sidled up to a pretty lady and said: “hey, I was just interviewing John Key”, she looked back at me and said, “hey, aren’t you from Gore?”, and that was the end of my chances with that girl. I ask you what is the point of being able to name drop if it is of no use to you?

Anyway, I decided to keep my spirits high after this fatal bow and move on. As I sifted through the crowd of grooving bodies to the stylish beats of Strike, i came across a delightful and always entertaining comment from a mother to her daughter: “It is not my fault you didn’t dress appropriately for the cold, it’s not like there are any boys looking at you anyway you silly little girl…”

Now that is what I call a classic moment, cold weather really isn’t the time to impress.

Following on from this I decided to whip out my camera and do some actual work. I sorted my life out and started to take photos of the oldies with their kids, one of whom had this delightful doll that looked like the king of pop. I had heard that he would be melted down for kids to play with after his passing. I suppose it was finally time they got to have some fun playing with him, rather than the other way around…

Here’s to the first day of Winter Fest, what a pearler.


Scot, Visitor from Gore.