SCOTTY: The Young…


For me the Winter Festival is over and judging by the bags under my eyes it couldn’t come sooner.

I have now been working for 14 days straight – including the farm work back home – but I still have another three to go before I finally get to rest.

Congratulations to Mountain Scene’s very own Katrina Priest who took out the suitcase race as a part of the Mountain Mayhem up Coronet peak.

It was the perfect way to start the day, with everything from Kermit the frog to that naked guy throwing themselves down the mountain to be first across the line and to claim the title of best suitcase racer of the year.

Shot Treens.

The most notable sight was defiantly the red scratch marks of Mark the Speight’s guy – naked guy – who came off his suitcase and happened to give everything a good scraping as he hit the snow.

I really do hope his junk was all right after he fell off his trunk.

Jazz night was amazing as expected. I was a little disappointed with the order of the band line up though. Six60 cranked the night in to life with some up-beat tunes willing everyone into a shaky groove.

But then Little Bushman came on and kind of mellowed everything out. The mood became even more relaxed with Cornerstone Roots. Now granted it was a “Jazz Night” that you would expect to be mellow, that is not how this even has come to be known. It is supposed to be a raging party where people charge to the music they have little knowledge of or love to bits.

I do rate the night as one of the best yet, but I am a little disappointed that it started thriving and then kind of slowed to a dance floor sway.

Big ups to the organisers though, they were brilliant in sorting out the festival. Cut it down by a few days next year, cram everything together and this could be the world’s best winter party.

Until next year.

Scot, Visitor from Gore.