Rest and rehydration was the key for the Pelicans this week after a shock loss last weekend. A brutally honest team meeting was held in wake of the upset (court session) and it was decided that we had been over-training and not relying on our core skills to prepare for our weekly battle (too much TV and not enough time behind the ramp at The Ale House). American Idol, X factor and Meet the Hasselhoffs were taken off the MySky list to be replaced by meat pies, 3 star, pilsner and the odd glimpse at the code on the big screen at the corner of Stanley & Ballarat St. Results were instant and gratifying, like finding a twenty dollar note in your jeans after a heavy night out.

Intense prep with Frewser and co. worked a treat as the Pelicans turned up in remarkably great shape despite the unchristian start time of 11am. A couple of guys making huge efforts to get to the game, by leaving Dunedin at silly o’clock to be ready to front the Dogs in what was an important game for both teams. Finchy was given a pedometer to gauge his movements in the field during the innings. It has been officially recorded at 2.115km, or what is now known as the Finchmark. Next week we hope to have 11 of these to see what everyone does. Someone commented that Dippers is likely to halve Finchys distance, while someone else commented, unless you can eat it, drink it or smoke it, its unlikely he will even carry it!

Despite being warned not to, the Dogs key bowler, Mushy boldly bet $50 on the Canines to get up and it wasn’t long before he got the chance to fight for his team by opening the batting after BRob lost the toss. Unfortunately Mushys batting was about as smart as his bet and he waved the bat at a few passing deliveries and was eventually dismissed for his career high score of 4. LP was in the middle of the action all game and kept well except for one incident where he took a shy at the stumps at close range and missed, it was described by someone as harder to do than standing on the roof of the TSS Earnslaw, throwing a ball and not hitting the lake…

Dominating the Fantasy Cricket stats is Brad ‘Left Arm Liquorice Allsorts’ Patterson. He peppered the Dogs with a whole over of short deliveries, on a track that was softer than a French soccer player with a moisturiser sponsorship. Unfortunately they figured his game plan out after about 1 ball and they spent the rest of the time hooking and pulling him for the most expensive over of the innings. He did however keep up his extraordinary run of scoring fantasy points by helping the batsmen turn an easy one into a tight two while wandering after a ball at deep fine leg then surprising everyone with a tracer bullet throw to have him run out. Good veterans cricket.

Lots of the Dogs got starts but few managed to push onto a big score and they eventually rolled over for a biscuit and tummy tickle on 108. It wasn’t enough.

Easily the highlight of the first innings was the introduction of the Scootermobile. Borrowed from Shotover Jet, the 2 man promotional go-cart was utilised by Scooter and his apprentice manager Alby O’Connell to deliver refreshing Speights to the team as the wickets fell. All requests for time trials and races had to be denied as the Shotover Jet brand manager had visions of NZ’s first DIC in a go-cart (with SJ plastered all over it) being unlikely to impress the board at Ngai Tahu.

Stag dos and weddings had depleted the team and spectators this week, that Poodle (head of Pelicans Fan club) and Reg 9 Slips
(Opening bowler) were with us in spirit as they attended to domestic
duties. Congrats to both.

In walked CJ and Rubsee to chase down the Dogs score and they got the team away to an excellent start with an 80 run/11 over partnership. CJ in particular launching balls onto the road and out of the park with a
bat shaped like a 2 Wood, one glove, a caddy and stickers that say “grip it and rip it’.

Dehydration got the better of both of them, and they departed about 2 overs apart leaving Paddo and Finchy to bring us home.

It was a long hop outside off stump that Paddo clubbed to backward point that finally won us the game and we wrapped up about 45 mins early, leaving us plenty of time to enjoy a few sodas in the sun before the aftermatch.

Overall a successful and enjoyable day for all involved, (except Mushy who owes $50 to the Pelicans Team fund) and puts the Pelicans in equal first after 4 rounds and staring down a play off spot.

Thanks again to Shotover jet for the go-cart. The Man of the Match was Alby O’Oconnell for his sterling effort helping Scooter.