SCOOP: …and the Restless


I missed the Undy 500 in case I got tempted or taunted to strip so Winter Festival for me yesterday was Te Radar Presents Eating the Dog.

Well, the show was promoted as an alternative for those who couldn’t get a ticket to the Great Comedy Debate, but frankly, the entertainment value last night was twice what the debate was, for jusT half the price.

Four years ago a one-man Te Radar show might have drawn a couple of people because no one had heard of him but in recent years he’s been a fixture at festival and gathered a great rep as a comic talent, so last night he was able to drag a very respectable crowd of about 250.

Boy, he was amazing, a tour de force, or should I say tour de farce, as he picked on unlikely heroes from New Zealand’s history who generally met an ignominious fate after some foolhardy endeavour or other.

Te Radar at the start invited questions from the audience. But after one woman took up his offer he ribbed her mercilessly throughout the show and no one dared follow her lead.

Two things stood out – the way Te Radar so niftily wove current events into his history tales, and his slide screen which he could seemingly manipulate at will.