SCOOP: …and the Restless


In past Winter Festivals, Mardi Gras night has been so cold I’ve stayed outside for a mulled wine or two then retreated to a bar with a fire, but conditions seemed milder this year so I lingered quite a bit longer, and what a great time I had.

It seemed like half of town was out – conditions were also dry underfoot at Earnslaw Park so I pretty much didn’t move from there.

What impressed me was how much this is probably the main community event of the festival or even the year, with families, youngsters and oldies, too, everywhere. Festival opening and New Year’s Eve nights are also community-oriented but seem to attract more of a bogan element.

It was good also that the Beach Street stage was given over to high school musicians – too often in the past, festivals haven’t given a platform for local performers.

And credit to the Lions Club, too, who had about a dozen members serving mulled wine at the Earnslaw Park tent and no doubt making heaps for good local causes.

I suspect though there’ll be a lot of people this morning suffering a variation of swine flu which I’ll call mulled wine flu.