SCOOP: …and the Restless


So that was the much-hyped debate.

After the disappointment of last year’s debate, everyone thought this year’s would take off after Rhys Darby was signed up – in fact, tickets sold out within a week of Mountain Scene releasing the news he was coming.

But it quickly became apparent Darby wasn’t a debater, but a very engaging speaker even if he didn’t engage much with the topic at hand.

But the main problem wasn’t necessarily the speakers – all were passable and our own Emma Lange more than held her own – but the shortness of the whole evening. People paid $69 for a show with a running time of little more than an hour.

In the past the pre-debate entertainment has possibly gone on too long, but this time there was nothing to whet the appetite apart from a short intro from MC Jeremy Corbett – incidentally, probably the funniest, quickest-witted speaker on the night.

As I’ve said, a pretty good speaking line-up, but as for calling it the “Great” comedy debate, I’m not so sure…